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  • Smiling is the latest in a string of health trends and is linked to the popular meditative practices of gratitude, happiness and mental well-being. It also has some pretty impressive physiological effects too....

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  • Take a peek at our newest product launch!

    Think you can’t afford veneers? Think again. You asked. We listened. Introducing the brand new INSTAsmile Moment!

    Born from a need to empower people from all walks of life to smile again, we’ve created our most affordable, custom-made removable veneers yet.

    Clip on veneer discount, cheapest veneers Whiter, brighter clip-on veneers - our most affordable veneers yet!

    For the US secret INSTAsmile Moment Veneer site click here

    For the UK secret INSTAsmile Moment Veneer site click here

    Thanks to its flexible, ultra thin design, it's an instant affordable way to get a more polished, brighter, whiter smile whilst covering natural gaps, chips, cracks and discolored teeth.

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  • Lets face it, we would all be happier if we had straighter, whiter teeth. Turn on any reality TV programme, film or music video and you are almost certain to be blinded by a number of dazzling white smiles.

    Sure, celebrities often have perfect teeth, but at what cost?

    It’s likely that your favourite stars have had a little help to achieve those polished pearly whites, most likely in the form of veneers which will have been fitted using surgical procedures.

    Surgery of this kind comes at a price, and it’s usually expensive and painful.

    If you want to achieve a gorgeous smile without enduring the pain and cost implications, clip-on veneers are a great option.

    If you’re still torn between which route to take in your quest for your dream set of teeth, read on to learn about the five things that make clip-on veneers a much better choice than surgical enhancements.

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  • In the INSTAsmile versus series we will take a look at how the INSTAsmile range compares against other types of more established products and treatments on the market. In this first instalment, we will take a look at the collection of INSTAsmile clip on veneers and how they compare against traditional cosmetic orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign or 6-month smile.

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