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Missing Teeth.

Our ClassicPlus and Platinum clip-on veneers will help to create a more confident smile.

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Enjoy a more confident, natural looking smile with INSTAsmile clip-on veneers.

If you have missing or damaged teeth, smiling can sometimes leave you feeling a little self-conscious.

INSTAsmile provides an instant fix, creating a more confident, natural-looking smile.


A pain-free alternative to the dentist.

INSTAsmile is an alternative to painful and invasive traditional dental treatments. Our easy-to-use self-impression kit can be used in the comfort of your own home. Once complete, simply send back your impressions and we'll get started.

Affordable, convenient and easy.

INSTAsmile's affordable and delivered-direct approach provides a convenient start to your new smile.  No time off work. No lengthy and expensive appointments at the dentist.  Just a quick and simple self-impression process that works with your schedule.

Our unique technology.

Our unique, patent-pending clip-on technology means our veneers will always stay in your mouth - they won't fall out when you least expect it. It's a patent we're proud of, and one we've worked hard to develop.

What people say

I can smile again thanks to INSTAsmile.

"I have several top teeth missing. I received my veneers last week, in time to attend a graduation, and I've never been so happy with any purchase as I've been with this purchase! When I "clicked" the top veneer in for the very first time it was an exact fit to my existing teeth - snug and comfortable, they look exactly like my real teeth only much whiter and much better!"

Eat, drink, sleep and smile.

Thanks to INSTAsmile's revolutionary clip-on technology the veneers stay securely in place so there is no need to use dental adhesives. With their excellent durability, you can eat, drink and speak without any impact to your everyday life.

Long-lasting, hard-wearing smiles.

INSTAsmile veneers are made in-house by our experienced dental technicians, from certified and safe dental materials. The veneers are hardwearing and durable. With sufficient care, your veneers should last between 12 and 24 months.

Handcrafted by dental technicians.

We're proud to say we've been creating dental products for over 25 years. Our skilled dental technicians handmake INSTAsmile veneers at our in-house laboratories in the UK and USA. We pride ourselves on creating products of only the highest quality.

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