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Before you begin

Do you have any oral health issues such as gum disease, soreness or bleeding?

Are you undergoing any dental, orthodontic treatment or have any loose teeth?

Do you have at least your number 4 or number 5 tooth present on both sides?

INSTAsmile clips on to your existing teeth. If you do not have the teeth required, INSTAsmile will not work for you.

You need to have at least the 4th or 5th tooth present on both sides of the mouth for INSTAsmile to work.

If your number 5 tooth is missing, we may have to finish your veneers at the number 4 tooth.

Not sure? Call our smile support team: 773-733-0148, or email service@instasmile.com

Please see diagram below for more help

Do you have 5 or more missing teeth in a row?

Do you have a severe cross bite?

Do you have a severe under bite?

Do you have any crowns, bridges or permanent veneers?

What do you want INSTAsmile to do?

Anything else you’d like INSTAsmile to do?

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